Branded Real Time
Media Applications

Delegate Live is a platform allowing the creation of powerful yet low cost bespoke solutions to manage media and connections with attendees virtually.


Tailored Engagement Options

Manage with granular configurability what media to connect, and how you would like your virtual application setup.

  • Group Video Management

    Delegate Live allows for bespoke solutions to be designed, enable host only video for live broadcasts, panel only video for AGM, or two way video calling for virtual shop solution systems.

  • Live Moderated Chat System

    Enable live moderated text interaction such as live text widgets and SMS text messages. Have approved messages streamed out to your panel with tablet applications and professional video solutions.

  • HD Recording and Broadcast

    Delegate Live allows configuration of how applications are recorded and broadcast. Schedule requests for virtual shopping applications, broadcast and record AGM meetings with shareholder sign-in.

  • Video On Demand Library

    Set up workflows to record meetings and share these on branded video on demand applications. For example have live tours in a car showroom and share the broadcasts later alongside the listings.

Bespoke Media Management

Live Broadcasts, AGMs, Remote Shopping Software

Host AGMs online and show a panel in a live broadcast, with moderated live chat, questions and resolutions being able to be relayed to the board in real time.

Chat Management

Free-Flowing Audience Conversations

Engage the audience in questions and they simply respond by text! A realtime, personal medium ask for text submissions and address in real-time or later.

Branding and Bespoke Applications

Create the Perfect Solution With Our Experts

Delegate Live is designed to be adaptable and flex to build the solution you need. Get in touch and lets discuss your next application.

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