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Delegate Live has become the trusted platform that underpins your next virtual event.

Developed by events people for events people, we understand each event is unique.

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Delegate Live is entirely brandable and offers interactive widgets to build around your stream. We can support briefs using our event builder through to bespoke solutions and set ups.

Just like Vimeo and Youtube, we generate a stream keys for each channel allowing you to Stream directly into, in Full HD and at ultra low latencies.

In Session

A Suite Of Interactive Tools

Tools to Engage and Interact with your audience

  • Live Chat
    Get more social with chat. With built in AI on image submission and profanity detection to free up your team and ensuring safe content.
  • Q and A
    Evolved delegate interaction, moderate submissions and see live in your studio hiding questions as you go to keep focus.
  • Voting
    Send out simple polls and see graphical responses in realtime or integrate with our registration for secure AGM vote casting.
  • Emojis
    Trigger reactions on your site and embed these into your stream, or create buttons that trigger actions in your setups.
  • Documents and Forms
    Trigger document sharing and custom forms during the show and keep track of attendee interactions.

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Breakout Huddles

Huddle Rooms New

No plugins required, users can breakout into huddles staying within the browser and never leaving the platform.

  • User Group Rooms
    With custom agendas you can assign group rooms for small huddles. With up to 50 people in a room, recording options and collab tools, these are great for workshops or simple social chats.
  • Screensharing Content
    Allow your presenters to share screens in the room and present information. Share the entire screen, application or just windows. A great tool for work sessions.
  • Countdown Timed Redirections
    Users never need to leave the platform and can have automated guidance. Have a countdown timer trigger to move all users back into the main session automatically.
  • PreShow Testing
    Launch your site a few weeks before, and bring people for pre-event content. We can also check vital tools all work on your attendees machines.

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Registration Agnostic

Use built-in registration options or integrate with your own.

  • Open or Shared Codes
    For those events that just require a shared password, or entirely open viewing, Delegate Live can still provide details stats.
  • Single Sign On
    Manage your own registration with SSO linking to services such as Azure AD and Sign in with Google
  • Import CSV Lists
    Simple bulk imports of your excel delegates list, great for quick integrations to other events.
  • Registration API
    Link into your own registration providers and utilise their services in real time.

Our Approach

A little bit more on how Delegate Live is different

We Listen, We Help
Being events people, we understand what makes your clients tick. We don't mind being involved in early meetings and can help suggest ideas like early on boarding campaigns and tool testing.
We also get during the show the operations required, this is why we are always developing and making things better, one of our latest requests is our automated chat and image moderation.
We understand how these events are crucial to your business. Delegate Live is built upon leading global infrastructure. Leveraging AVS and using their latest serverless products, we ensure the platform is always available and scales with near-zero latency.
Delegate Live also delivers video using the AWS platform, seen as one of the leading global CDNs handling video from your encoder right to the end user.
Analytics In Mind
Under the hood, Delegate Live collects rich data feeds, recording attendance and interactions, allowing you to gauge what content created which reactions.
With automated analytics, or dedicated analytical reports on something bespoke and specific, we can help craft the tools to give you the insight you need.

In The Press With lockdown and a turnaround of just 4 weeks, Bonhams leveraged the Delegate Live Platform with complex customisations as a tool for their auction previews.

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