Simple audience interaction.

Delegate Live is a lightweight and accessible audience interaction tool that utilises the simplicity and speed of text messaging. Register for a free trial
Meet The Future.....Today

Introducing a simple way to engage

Back to basics, see engagement grow with user friendly interaction.

Interaction from the home

Car, airport, canal boat. A phone is always there.

Free-flowing Audience Conversations

Fuss-free and simple to use
User Cases

Delegate Live can be used in many situations

Live Audience Seminar

Gauge more from your audience in real time and spark the natural conversations that apps just can't do

Virtual Webinars

Engage the audience in questions and they simply respond by text! A realtime, personal medium

Offline Responses

A friendlier way to emails and online polls, ask for text submissions and address later.

A simple plan with no limits

Delegate Live Pricing

£95 /session Excl VAT

Unlimited Participants

Unlimited Messages

All sessions come with remote support and additional country code support.

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